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We follow the laws of environmental protection, strictly implement ISO14001 regulations, and strive for the safest production to fulfill our commitment to the environment.

Adherence to scientific & technological-innovation and driving green development


Our company pursues to realize green and high-quality development as the core, strengthens technological innovation, promotes the adjustment of product industrial structure, reduces natural resources consumption and reduces ecological environment damage. Represented by the world’s most advanced wet purification of phosphoric acid and the world’s only industrial recovery technology of fluorine and iodine resources associated with phosphate rock, we have gradually formed an industrial cluster for the efficient use of phosphorus resources, minimizing the extension of the production and operation of the phosphorus chemical industry. We have also made great efforts in “Three-phase” governance innovation. We explore the establishment of three major water circulation systems, with a waste water utilization rate of more than 70%, and a chemical park wastewater reuse rate of 100%. Relying on advanced technologies such as exhaust gas desulfurization and denitrification, we continue to expand the business in the environmental engineering technology service sector, generating hundreds of millions of yuan in revenue for the company every year. We increase the research and development of products and technology systems such as the comprehensive utilization of tailings and industrial by-products of phosphogypsum, and have made significant progress. In 2020, for the first time, we have realized the disposal and utilization of all the newly added phosphogypsum, and accelerated the construction of ecological industrialization and industrial ecologicalization.


Schematic diagram of circular economy


Phosphogypsum processing yard


Environmental-friendly ore mining

Application of Phosphorus chemical industrial wastewater (WFS)

in phosphate ore beneficiation technology


Since the wastewater of the phosphorous chemical industry contains acidic substances, so direct discharge is likely to cause environmental pollution. By replacing the traditional use of sulfuric acid as a phosphate ore beneficiation regulator with the industrial wastewater produced by the phosphorous chemical industry, the environmental problem caused by the wastewater is solved, the cost of sewage treatment is saved, and waste is turned into treasure. This method is advantageous over that of sulfuric acid with reliable beneficiation technology, remarkable environmental protection effect, considerable economic benefit and outstanding social benefit. Wengfu Phosphate Mine has advanced technology and equipment, with fine mining technology of piercing blasting - push row - shovel loading - car transport. The beneficiation process adopts reverse flotation to reduce magnesium, concentrate concentration, and long-distance phosphate concentrate pipeline transportation. The ball mill, thickener, transfer pump and other equipment in use are imported from the United States, Britain and Germany.


Its self-developed new collector “WF-01” reduces the selected raw ore P2O5 from 30.75% of the original design to 25%, enabling a large amount of low-grade phosphate rock that cannot be used by the original process. The self-developed new type of beneficiation regulator “WFS” has been put into a recycling project, which greatly reduces the cost of beneficiation and realizes the transformation of downstream phosphorous chemical wastewater from waste into treasure, which is initiate in the same industry in China. Meanwhile, the popularization and application of a number of new technologies such as hole-by-hole millisecond blasting, a-layer ore beneficiation, tailings re-separation, tailings filling, tailings damming, etc., have greatly improved the utilization rate of phosphorus resources and brought better economic and social benefits.


Wengfu Phosphate Mine has successively won honors of the 3rd China Mining Top Ten Enterprises, Guizhou National Unity and Progress Model Group, 1st prize of Carbonate Phosphate Reverse Flotation New Process Development and Industrialization Technology Progress, and the first National Advanced Enterprise for the Rational Development and Utilization of Mineral Resources, National Excellent Non-metallic Mining Enterprises, Demonstration Mine for the Popularization and Application of Advanced Practical Technologies for the Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization of Mineral Resources, “Resource-saving, Safe and Environmentally Friendly, and Harmonious Mine” --Three-type Mine, National-level Green Mine, etc.

The benefits of this technology for enterprises are as follows



Annual consumption of 1.2 million m³ of wastewater from phosphogypsum slag yard



Saving of 2 million m³ of clean water



Saving of more than 60 million yuan in sulfuric acid and sewage treatment costs

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